Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell's Lita Cosmic Heels Are Just Like... I Can't.

159.95, Jeffrey Campbell, Solestruck.com
You know how Orville Redenbacher inspired everyone to do one thing and do it well, even if it's popcorn or blogging? Jeffrey Campbell's honed in that one thing, and that's their INSANELY high-heeled Lita shoe. (I think they're approximately eight feet off the ground, which is great, because I'm barely five feet off the ground myself.) They have the design down to a science, and now they're tricking out the styles, patterns and colors to a truly truly truly outrageous extent. Seriously, there are about 40 different Lita styles alone. And the one I'm truly pining for are the Cosmics, which are a starry, celestial pattern. And I LOVE a celestial print -- refer, won't you, to my love affair with Risto Bimbiloski and Helmut Lang's trippy Heathen prints.

This is where stargazing meets shoegazing, people.


Indiana said...

those shoes are...to die for! Love the celestial design!


City Girl said...

i agree hey're just so perfect!!

Zoe from Chic and Sassy said...

totally gorgeous!!!

emmarose said...

i would sell all my vital organs for these. so so so amazing. xxx


Shop Your Tv said...

I've never come across lita's like this, i would have no clue what to pair them with.

I've found some different styles of Litas, obviously knock offs, if anyone was interested -- will definitely save you a couple of bucks if you were considering buying some and weren't all that concerned on the quality. Check this blog post out:


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