Monday, October 24, 2011

Coach Spring 2012 Preview

Coach's Spring 2012 forecast: fun, whimsical designs that prove that classic doesn't have to be safe. "I would just NEVAH do a white bag"? You thought that, right? But check out this white woven/ whipstitched carryall. THAT'S how you do an everyday white bag without looking like you belong to a yacht club or you're smuggling Easter eggs. It's all in the texture and hardware. Oh, you're into that terrific teal? Good, because that makes two of us. And those nude patent peep-toe stilettos are exactly what to wear with navy, orange, and every neon ever.

Don't think. Just put on the red, white and blue Coach hi-top sneaker.
Jelly watches? They never get old.

The Coach preview took place in their Midtown West ARCHIVES -- basically cold storage for decades' worth of handbags.... RIGHT? I love a well-organized accessories selection. Especially when it contains, oh, say, thousands of bags. 

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