Monday, December 19, 2011

Aritzia's Baye Black Tunic Dress: All I Want For The Fourth Night Of Chanukkah

$165, Aritzia
Before I get into my fourth-night-of-Chanukkah gift (for me!) pick, I need to say a word about Aritizia. Aritizia is a Canadian chain of moderately-priced boutiques, and the New York location opened this past June, and it's one of my favorite new "high street" shops. Half of the store feels like Madewell -- neat, conservative English major-inspired pleated skirts, flowy shirtwaist dresses, and demure blouses and in natural neutral hues -- and the other half is sportier basic tops, workout wear and hoodies. Like American Apparel minus the see-through. Oh, when I discovered Aritzia's TNA house brand longsleeve t-shirts (they're more like lightweight sweaters, and they feel like James Perse), it was like the culmination of a personal style vision quest: they're banded so they emphasize the waist, they're the perfect V-neck cut, and they're only $35. I bought five.

Anyway, Aritzia's sheer, flowy black tunic is getting bumped to the top of my Chanukkah list, namely because it's so versatile and because I don't own anything like this. Which actually makes it a need and not a want, right?

Also, if this dress came in the same box as this INCREDIBLY SICK fitted ikat jacket, I definitely would have no cause to utilize fake-surprise face. Double ikat? Oil that lasted eight days? Now THAT's what I call a Chanukkah miracle!
$160, Aritizia

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