Friday, December 23, 2011

Bead For Life Sustainable, Fair Trade Jewelry: All I Want For The Eighth Night Of Chanukkah!

For all of the coveting, overconsuming, and product worshiping I indulge in here on FashionBinge, it's nice to flex my Mastercard muscle and do some honest-to-goodness good once in a while. Which is why, for the last day of my Chanukkah gift guide, I'm taking a break from being totally self-indulgent and ostentatious (and from effusing joy over products WAY out of my 99% lifestyle) to share my passion for BeadforLife, which is a nonprofit organization based in Boulder and Uganda. BeadforLife educates, employs and builds a sustainable income for impoverished Ugandan women (many of them are war refugees) who create beads and beaded jewelry out of recycled paper. BeadforLife provides Ugandans aged 16 - 26 with vocational training as well as malaria and HIV treatment.

I was lucky enough to meet some of the heads of BeadforLife via my real job at MTV, and they're incredible women who make sure that members of the BeadforLife program receive training to create beads, make jewelry and then sell it at fair trade prices. The program's goal is for members to be independent of BeadforLife within 18 months by being able to support themselves within the Ugandan economy. BeadforLife provides entrepreneurial training, facilitates savings accounts, and makes business funds available -- truly incredible resource-building opportunities for women who might otherwise have none.

You can buy BeadforLife jewelry directly from their site. Many of the bracelets and necklaces cost less than most of us spend on a single trip to Starbucks, and they make excellent stocking stuffers and gifts -- gifts that keep giving.

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