Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mustache Valentine's Cards!!! SQUEEEEE!

$16.95, Paper Source

A Paper Source store just opened up near me, and I swear, it will be one of the many reasons I end up on Hoarders: Cute Stuff. And/or one of those punishing shows about lack of financial responsibility and living within one's means. I mean, regardless of your thoughts on the ridiculousness of Valentine's Day (both the day AND the gag-inducing movie), just LOOK at these DIY Valentine's mustache cards! YOU CAN EVEN MAKE A MUSTACHIOED HEART PIRATE!!! #deadatthis

And hi, Paper Source has glitter wrapping paper. The Ke$ha of paper goods.

$365, By Malene Birger,
Valentine's Day-related dress: also #dead at this easy, louche fuchsia By Malene Birger dress.

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