Monday, January 09, 2012

Creepers Are Creeping Back

$92, BC Footwear

Yes, way. Creepers -- those steadfast stalwarts of the flatform family -- are back. They've crept their way from the '70s, '80s and (un petit peu) '90s into the '00s, and, quite frankly, I see no problem with that. They're so bulky it's almost bonkers, and they're like Oxfords on steroids.

I'm partial to BC Footwear's Creepers. Wear them with a little babydoll dress for a variation on the Kurt-and-Courtney '90s look (everyone will expect you to wear Docs, and you'll throw them for a loop-de-loop). Or, do a menswear look with a pair of rolled-up baggy black pants -- hi, Zara's excellent trousers -- and a simple black and white striped shirt. OR, do yourself a favor and try a fitted, bright silk blouse (I'm sensing mustard, because fluorescent is too overwhelming in this case) and a blazer with a few gold chains and some big bangles for a Duckie-meets-New Jack Swing variation. Man, New Jack knew where it was at with color.

$69.99, J. Crew

$59.90, Zara

See? The one on the far right knew what was up. Those patent work boots were all wrong. All that kept these bros from greatness were four pairs of Creepers. Didn't they almost have it? (BTW, what's the guy on the far right doing these days? Prison time? I'll feel bad if he became a cancer researcher.)

Okay. Do the creep. And don't forget to smile...
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