Friday, January 13, 2012

Reiss Has Really Good Stuff On Sale

WTF? Why don't I shop at Reiss more often? (It's a British high street that feels like if French Connection  went to a semester or two of grad school, and I mean that so lovingly because I love French Connection. Oh, and Reiss has a REALLY habit-forming handbag selection.) Being way better about shopping at Reiss and using fewer water bottles. There. Those are my perfectly reasonable resolutions for 2012. And now's a perfect time to start. I mean, LOOK at this excellent embellished dress on SUPER sale:

$288, Reiss
This dress vaaaaaaguely reminds me of that epic Alexander McQueen dress Drew Barrymore wore last year. Like, in a perfectly acceptable watered-down-for-my-affordability way.

The Taryn playsuit is sold out online -- BLAST AND DAMN! -- but it's worth looking for in the store. SO Florence Welch.

$51, Reiss
I've been on a serious sheer blouse binge lately, and Reiss' polka dot sheer blouse is PERFECT, because polka dots are WAY in, and I don't like paying more than $51 for anything, really. I mean, who does?
$120, Reiss
$120, Reiss

My name is Tamar, and I approve of these asymmetrical teal platform heels.

$133, Reiss
The PERFECT pointy toe! THE PERFECT, SOPHISTICATED shade of silver.

$255, Reiss
This little shoulder bag is suede and leather, and those aren't even my favorite things about it; Observe the little metal barbell hardware, and then note that the bag is called "Reiss Brewer." Straight from "The Official Preppy Handbook," 2012 edition.


cathysmith07 said...

Nice stuff! Love your dresses.

what the shoe said...

..."feels like french connection went to grad school." lol! it's gained a lot of popularity recenty since kate middleton has worn a couple of their dresses. I love your blog, I passed on the versatile blogger award to you :)

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