Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Versace Yellow Diamonds, Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara + More On 10 Things I Love Tuesday!

I'm kind of experiencing a real-life "Emma"/ "Clueless" situation. See, my BFF Laura is a phenomenal writer, mother, and human being. I've been bugging the shit out of her to start a mom blog for AGES, and she finally did it (probably just so I'd STFU). Anyway, speaking of bugs, she was bitten by the blog bug and is burnin' up, Madonna style, with a SERIOUS case of blogging fever over at Look What Mom Made. And I'm so happy because I'm not even a mommy/ kid sort, and her blog is so inspiring. Anyway, it's a classic case of the student becoming the MASTER, where she's Tai, and I'm Cher, because I love her "10 Things I Love Tuesday" list, so I'm promptly stealing it. Thanks, Laura!

Without further ado, here are 10 things (most beauty, I admit) I love on a TUESDAY.

1.) Versace "Yellow Diamond": I'm highly devoted to Versace's "Versace" fragrance, but I want to slather Versace "Yellow Diamond" all over my body (in a reasonable way). It's basically a lighter, brighter version of Versace Versace, with more citrusy notes but all of the sophisticated staying power. Put it on yourself NOW. "Yellow Diamond is $67 at Macy's, but if you like "Yellow Diamond" on Facebook you can get a free sample! HOW 'BOUT THAT, America?

2.) Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes Mascara: This is kinda Rimmel's answer to Cover Girl's epic Lash Blast mascara. The main difference? Rimmel's has slightly more color payoff. It's best used as a final coat over a mascara that really defines -- like MAC's False Lashes. Rimmel Scandaleyes is like, I don't know. However many dollars. It's not much.

3.) Nars "Shrinagar" lipstick: Perfect wearable berry purple. I know I said all of that stuff about red lipstick, and I do love a good red, but lately purples have been doing it for me They bring out your lips' natural color but in a slightly exaggerated, not at all cartoonish way. "Shrinagar" is $24 and worth every penny.

4.) Cover Girl Color Blast Flipstick Lipcolor: Beware. Cover Girl's new two-in-one lipstick will stay on your lips FOREVER. I'm still wearing "Perky," and I put it on like, last Monday.
$7.99, Cover Girl, Target
5.) Soap & Glory Hand Food lotion: File under: British stuff I love, right next to "Downton Abbey." Impulse bought this while waiting in line at Sephora (IT WORKED, Sephora. You're welcome), and this is my new favorite lotion next to MOR. It lasts forEVER, softens, and has a secret ingredient: MARSHMALLOW! Bonus: Adorable packaging.
$5, Soap & Glory, Sephora

6.) Miu Miu Noir cateye sunglasses: I just... You guys. These sunglasses. I don't usually have these kinds of feelings about SUNGLASSES, but come on. You could be wearing OVERALLS with these (THE HORROR!), and no one would even notice because these are just so posh.
$390, Miu Miu, Saks.com
7.) Marimekko's Varpukka blouse: I was a little "whatever" about this blouse until I saw it paired with a sleek black skirt, at which point the needle moved into DEFINITELY YES territory:
$99, Marimekko.com
8.) Ralph Lauren Tremont leather satchel: I love me a neon satchel, but this tan leather satchel  is just so classically lovely and simple in a way that I probably am not. Let's just be real.
$368, Ralph Lauren
9.) Jenni Kayne pink velvet open-toed sandals: That Ralph Lauren bag PLUS these pink velvet Jenni Kaynes? BOW DOWN.
$270, Jenni Kayne, Shoplesnouvelles.com
10.) Dior Forget-Me-Not polish: Not only is this the most precioso shade of purple polish, but IT SMELLS. (Good, not bad, obviously.) And if you're going on a Dior binge, might I suggest the Anselm Reyle nail polish collection? I might!
$23, Dior.com

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