Monday, April 02, 2012

These 3 Pairs Of Sunglasses Need To Find Their Way Onto My Face

So many excellent new sunglasses for summer. Let's begin with these three pairs, which need to report for duty on face immediately. All three, on my face, all at once (which coincidentally sounds like a line from a Terry Richardson deposition -- and if that hasn't happened yet it's just a matter of time). 

$128, Kate Spade, Nordstrom
The relief I'd feel pulling the trigger on these Kate Spade Aviators that I don't need probably far outweighs the guilt I'd feel buying a pair of sunglasses I clearly don't need.

$280, Karen Walker, Shopbop

Ugh. I can't with these cream Karen Walker sunglasses with ARROW DETAILING on the arms. Can you? No! You can't! No one can! It's a problem.

Agent Provocateur's purple "Poke Me" sunglasses (hee!) are the platonic ideal of old-lady chic. And if you're concerned that $389 is expensive for sunglasses, consider this: they're a buck less than Agent Provocateur's crystal whip! Is that a deal, or is that a deal, nu?

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