Thursday, April 26, 2012

Westward Leaning Sunglasses Are The Only Sunglasses I Want On My Face

Ohai, I'm wearing Westward \\ Leaning sunglasses. ALSO I'm on Instagram at Yisthisisdog.

Yep, this is GPOY, and yes, those are Westward \\ Leaning sunglasses, and yes, they're OBSCENELY flattering, and yes, they're the only sunglasses I'll ever put on my face-ness. Hashem forbid there were a fire in my place, I'd save these. Except I wouldn't have to because they'd probably either already be on my face. 

Westward \\ Leaning's Robert Denning and Karlygash Burkibayeva are based out of San Francisco, and each of the 11 variations on Wayfarers pay tribute to a person, place, social or movement or natural resource -- serious melty hearts over the Castros, named for Harvey Milk. And, even better, $10 from each pair goes to an educational charity. AND they'll replace your sunglasses for free if you're unhappy with them or something happens to them. (Like, if your sunglasses happen to become unhappy.)

I'm wearing the No. 5s, AKA Love Thy Neighbor, created in honor of the people and culture of Mexico. The TDF beading detail is created with tiny Chaquira beads inspired by the beaded mosaics made by the Huichol people of western central Mexico. Ten bucks from each sale of this style goes to Love Thy Neighbor Mexico, a small non-profit -profit campaign that uses social media, education and art to spread awareness about the connection between the demand for illicit drugs in the US and the drug war in Mexico.  Seriously, when was the last time sunglasses made you think so hard... or LOOK SO GOOD. (Various famous folks have worn them, but I ASSURE YOU it's the design of these glasses, and not, say Kate Bosworth's genetic design that's responsible for making said celebs look so good.) I am LEGIT fine with saying these look like they were made for my face. The cat-eye-meets-Wayfarer style is WHERE I NEED TO BE. Cheek to cheek.

$275, Westward \\ Leaning

* Disclaimer: I was gifted these sunglasses... and THANK YOU!

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Ceci Gomez Lauria said...

Love them, thanks for sharing!!

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