Sunday, June 17, 2012

You're Invited To Pretty Snake's Kitty Garden Party Leggings

I'm a proud owner of Pretty Snake's -- RISD professor and knitwear designer Joseph Aaron Segal -- Cat Sweater With Doll Eyes. But Pretty Snake? You've outdone yourself with these Kitty Garden Party Leggings. I'm buying a one-way ticket to this batshit Jeremy Scott trip. On-trend all-over florals, photorealism and FUCKING WIDE-EYED CATS WITH ORPHAN PEASANT FACES! Where's my oxygen mask?

Cat leggings: yours for just $75 on Kickstarter.

PS: I have those leopard print wedge booties -- they're from Shoemint, they're super comfortable, and while they're sold out, I totally co-sign Shoemint in case you're on the fence. (I wouldn't lie about that kinda thing.)

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