Saturday, June 16, 2012

Shit. I Spent $500 Before Breakfast + Nelly's Vokal Tanktop

The other morning I woke up before work with a dangerous combination of YOLO mentality and the shopping shakes -- that jittery, antsiness that overtakes me when I haven't engaged in some middle-class TJ Maxx version of conspicuous consumption. It's like if you deprive yourself of sugar or carbs or Vanilla Dunkaroos -- sooner or later you're gonna just break down and faceplant, Valley Of The Dolls style, into a double-stuffed pizza pillow of your design.

Anyway, while shopping for my husband's upcoming birthday, I ended up finding one thing for him (though he is extremely difficult to shop for), and about four things for myself. So, happy early birthday to me!

The damage:
$179.10, DVF x Current Elliot,
I've been sweating this DVF Loves Current/Elliott denim shirt dress for months. It went on sale from $398. When I bought it earlier this week, it was $238. Today it's $179, so I called for a price adjustment and Saks was great about doing that. ALWAYS do that! You're leaving money on the table, people. Don't let shame hold you back! That's $80 I can now spend on shoes instead of wisely saving it!

$42, Volcom,
Volcom chambray tank procured! I've been looking for one of these to pair with maxi skirts and little circle skirts. Commence summer of chambray! By the way, am I the only one who thinks of Vokal when I hear "Volcom"? You know, Nelly's erstwhile clothing company? As in when he shouts out "Vokal tanktop on at this point" in "Hot In Herre"? No? Just me?

$94, Mad Love,
Impulse buying this trippy Mad Love Lippy sweater may be the most shameful part of the entire a.m. binge. Shameful because I really feel no remorse about it at all. It either matches or is a complete and utter rip on my Wildfox lips shirt:
$15, Nissa

Picked up two Nissa rope bracelets. Because I really need two bracelets that could double as hardware store bits and bobs. By the way, Nissa always has promo codes, so get on that. Karmaloop too.

Oh hey, by the way, the Vokal site hasn't been updated since 2004 (which explains why it's all in Flash), and, according to that update, the brand expects "big things for 2005." You. Are. WELCOME.
Must be the money.

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