Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide Day 3: Ole Henriksen Celebrate The Truth Kit & Asha Zodiac Ring

$60, Ole Henriksen, Sephora
I've recently been on the hunt for a new skin care regimen (note: I didn't say "REGIMENT") to replace my current brand, which is lovely but costs exactly 25% of my part of the rent. (Thanks, online percentage calculator.) With the country about to take a nose dive off the fiscal cliff, it's time to scale back my skin-related expenditure while maintaining the illusion that I spend hundreds of dollars on my skin. (You get to the age when that sort of thing becomes important to you, well, because... you just do. It's kind of a bummer, but otherwise you'd be dead, so just accept it and move on.) Anyway, I recently discovered Ole Henriksen's Truth Crème Advanced Hydration, and while I'm not shallow enough to PRAY for affordable yet highly effective moisturizer, if I were, this right here would be the answer to my (superficial) prayers as it's the best moisturizer I've used, well, since I discovered the triple-digit stuff and justified spending almost three Benjis on it. The Truth Crème Advanced Hydration pulls off the peculiar task of feeling both light and rich at the same time (DANISH PARADOX!), and while I've read a handful of reviews hatin' on the scent, I actually love it: think crushed-up Smarties all over your face. What? It's a selling point! 

Anyway, in a feat of tellingly adroit Danish engineering, Ole Henriksen packaged up a lovely little gift set for the holidays (the regular Truth Crème is 1.7 ounces for $45, and the Truth Creme in the gift set is 1 ounce, which is festively generous, so peace on Earth and good will to your face!), and if you're not rushing out to Sephora pick this up, zip open the cute orange back and motorboat the Truth Creme like it's your dream job, well then I GUESS YOU JUST CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. Oh, shouts to the Truth Serum Collagen Booster, because I finally found a serum that doesn't make me feel all tight and sticky and residue-y because you know that's just the worst.

How I feel when serum just doesn't get it right.
Next, because I'm a Leo and am the type of person vain enough to justify using $250 moisturizers, I also love sparkly things that cost a few hundred dollars but look like they cost at least a few thousand dollars, like this Asha New York zodiac ring.

$395, Asha,
Asha designer Ashley Dodgen-McCormick has a small collection of zodiac jewelry, and they're all very luxe and resort-y, like the kind of piece you'd find as a surprise on your pillow if you had a really wealthy Greek shipping magnate boyfriend who whisked you away to somewhere super fance along the Grecian Isles (do those even exist, and can you tell this has never happened to me by the fact that I don't know if Grecian Isles are a real thing?), and you went to take a shower in your private outdoor shower, and this was waiting for you on top of your carefully folded sarong when you got back. Do I sound like I write softcore Twilight fan fic? Shit, seriously? I swear I don't. I just think this ring is fancy and cool and would make a good holiday gift (for me), okay?

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