Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013: The Year Of The Liebeskind Berlin Bag

Feliz 2013! Hard to believe FashionBinge (she likes to be personified and referred to in the third person; she told me so herself) is going to be SEVEN years old this year. That's like 123 in blog years. 

Anyway, new year, new bag. 

I've gotten much much better at "shopping with intent" and buying only bags I can invest in and use for years (for ejemplo, my Olivia Harris black leather tote that I bought in 2010, and my lovely neon yellow Cambridge Satchel, and yes, I firmly believe neon bags are still "in,") instead of buying a super trendy, super cheap bag, using it approximately one and a half times, tiring of it, and then donating and/or helping it retire to a wasteful existence in a landfill. (Oddly though, I'm actually an enormous hypocrite, because I bought this $30 canvas striped duffle from Alloy back in July, and I'm still carrying it ever since.)

I'm trying to stick to that thou-shalt-invest-in-fewer-bags credo, but Liebeskind's leather handbags have been singing their sweet siren song to me every time I pass their storefront window on Lafayette Street -- newly opened in the Irregular Choice space this past September -- or come across one of their bags online. The German brand (also, THEIR BOOTS!) does big-girl bags with a fresh take on textures, shapes and colors. These bags have burrowed their way into my brain, and now I'm pretty much imprinting on their Capri tote, Jacob Black-style. (Halp! I'm in love with an inanimate object! Wot! Is that weirder than being in love with an infant? Y/N?) And ohai, those totally reasonable prices: like, Prada/ Proenza at sub-Coach prices. Realness. 

Check out some of Liebskind's leather bags after the jump, and maybe soon I'll stop pretending that I'm not going to pick one up very soon. 

$165, Liebskind Maike crossbody mini, Bloomingdales.com

Liebeskind Berlin Hilda (ebay?)

Liebeskind Berlin Mable bag
$375, Liebeskind Berlin LA Tote, Amazon.com

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