Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fashion Flashback: 1980s Businesswoman Steeze

Thirty years after it was somehow okay to commute in your calf-length tweed business skirt and chunky Reeboks, I'll still never tire of the fashion cliche of the 1980s business woman. Look at these bitches, running game on that glass ceiling. 

This lady was such a bad-ass bawse that she wore a faux fur dalmatian carpet to work and was NEVER without her Texas Instruments calculator when out solidifying her bawse status in the oil fields. Also, hollar at those coverlines: "Balling out the men on your team" and "Where to incubate your nest egg." WOT?? I'd DEFINITELY be into checking out a scan of that story on microfiche or whatever. 

And the businesswoman on the left (who was probably an alcoholic based on the fact that she's drinking at work) wasn't afraid to wear Princess Leia's coverup in the office. Bad girls do it well. 

Also, do I even have to point out the irony of a man writing a best-selling guidebook to womenswear? LOL.

Anyway, take a cue from this woman, and raise a glass to these fearless females who wore shoulder pads and suffocated in control-top pantyhose so we could wear jeans to work!

You're welcome.

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