Sunday, March 10, 2013

MAC x Hayley Williams Collection = All Orange Everything

The MAC x Hayley Williams collection drops April 9, 2013.
MAC just announced their Hayley Williams collection, and it's three of my favorite things (MAC makeup, Paramore, and the color ORANGE) all in one, and my birthday's not for five more months.

Case you've never used Tumblr or watched the VMAs (in which case we probably have zero things in common), Hayley Williams is Paramore's lead singer, and she's about the size of an action figure, with a voice that sounds like she swallowed a megaphone, and her signature hair color is approximately the hue of a parking cone someone set on fire. 

I love the fact that MAC's targeting a younger audience and celebrating a young female artist (Hayley's probably one of MAC's youngest celebrity spokespeople ever) known for her unapologetic love of color --  and unapologetically loud voice. And while Paramore's by no means unknown -- they've sold over 7 million albums and have criss-crossed the world on tour -- they still may be unfamiliar to some consumers given that the pop-punk band's not a trainwreck tabloid fixture, and beyond "Airplanes" and "The Only Exception," you won't hear them on many U.S. terrestrial radio stations (shouts to K Rock). (If you're still totally unfamiliar and need a reference point, then think Garbage meets Fall Out Boy meets No Doubt meets Mary Lou Lord meets Jimmy Eat World.)

So it's very cool -- and forward-thinking -- to observe the interesting intersection of a younger pop-punk act that generally has their boots planted firmly in the music world change lanes and merge with a beauty brand.

The MAC x Hayley Williams includes:

* a BRIGHT orange matte lipstick called Sounds Like Noise
* a bright orange nail polish called Riot Gear
* a frosted coral eye shadow called Day Dreaming
* and a subtle beige Mineralize Skinfinish called Lightscapade

The collection hits on April 9.

Oh, by the way, considering some of my favorite Paramore songs have the wreckless energy of a high-speed car chase, they're one of my FAVORITE bands to listen to at the gym, so I went ahead and made you a Paramore gym playlist. You're welcome.

+ Brick By Boring Brick
+ All We Know 
+ Born For This
+ For A Pessimist I'm Pretty Optimistic
+ Fences
+ Crushcrushcrush
+ Misery Business
+ Woah
+ Pressure
+ Looking Up
+ Where The Lines Overlap
+ That's What Yo
+ Now


fatin hasado said...

This range is amazing! I love bold colours! Better Get saving! Xxx

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Spotify link for playlist pls!

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