Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gap's Perfect Neon/Neutral Leather Tote: Stylish And Cheaper Than A Baby

$79.95, Gap 
Meet my new baby! No, not the kind of baby that comes from mommy and daddy kissing (or alcohol). Those kinds of babies are LOUD. And expensive! So instead, I picked up Gap's new leather stripe tote, which comes in many cute combinations, but I opted for neon coral because the neon says "HELLO WORLD!! I'M HERE!!," while the beige says "Shhhh... I know. We all know. We heard you." At $79, it's way cheaper than a real baby and not made as well as a baby, but it is made really well for a leather bag that costs less than $100. And it has a zipper -- ever seen a BABY that comes with its own zipper? Sure, it's more of short-term investment of a baby, but a bag won't keep you up at night. Viva la beauty sleep!

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