Friday, March 29, 2013

Kelly Wearstler's Fall/Winter 2013 Collection Is Even Better Than I'd Dreamed, Which Is Saying A Lot

Kelly Wearstler's F/W '13 leather knit sweater. It's in my head so much that it's giving me OCD.
You know Kelly Wearstler, right? The woman who'd be your personal stylist/ life coach/ closet guru/ spirit animal if you could afford to live your best life? The superlatively L.A. designer's dressed Gwen Stefani (THAT PINK LEATHER JACKET, HOMG!), turned out the Viceroy in Palm Springs in her signature post-modern Hollywood Regency-on-a-safari-holiday style (because she runs that game), and she has excellent hair. And she has an excellent collection of Fall/Winter 2013 separates and accessories, all supremely textured -- primal leathers, rough and tough moto jackets, heavy metal jewelry, brass in pocket -- in geometric prints, and Vivienne Westwood, punk-leaning patterns and visceral, mixed-material mash-ups that totally shouldn't make sense together but somehow totally do. I want to live in her showroom, I want to live in her closet, I want to live in her clothes. See why in these photos from my recent trip to her Chelsea showroom to check out the collection. (No I didn't steal anything. Aren't you proud?)

Yes, that is a brass plate on a leather clutch, in case you needed reminding.

+ Check out more Kelly Wearstler jewelry after the jump.

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Lucite and leather Kelly Wearstler chair in her showroom. I'm happy to spend the rest of my days here. 

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