Thursday, May 02, 2013

These F-Troupe Parrot Print Wedges Are My Singular Focus

Approximately $194 USD, F-Troupe
Seriously, not another word from you unless it's about these F-Troupe parrot print wedges, and that's absolutely final. I can't commit my brain to anything other than these shoes, which are sold out on Solestruck -- DAMN IT -- but the UK F-Troupe site has them, and they ship to the U.S. for a nominal fee. And really, how can you even put a price on the sheer unadulterated bliss that would be owning parrot shoes, you know? Also, use promo code MAYDAY for 20% off through May 7. Caw!! Wait, that's a crow. A parrot would just repeat everything I just said, and honestly, I think these parrot shoes are so good that it bears repeating.

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