Monday, October 14, 2013

'Share A Beautiful Evening With Your Husband And Rock Hudson,' Said This Completely Clueless 1965 Movie Theater Ad!

Well, this is amazing and completely tone deaf. I was Googling dead malls of Cleveland, Ohio, where I grew up (as one does on a beautiful fall Sunday in Brooklyn -- no really, I have a very weird and oddly specific thing for abandoned, dead, and decaying malls -- I could read about them endlessly), and I came across this 1965 newspaper ad for the then-brand-new Severance center movie theater in Cleveland, Ohio. (I grew up going to this mall and its future movie iteration of the movie theater, where I saw "Parenthood," thank you very much.) 

Via Mike Rivest, Google Plus -- check out his incredible collection of vintage Cleveland movie ads.

Could you imagine a better night out for bored Northeast Ohio housewives in 1965 than a romantic evening on the town smoking a cigarette inside a movie theater (superb art in the hallway, BTWs), while pining away for Rock Hudson who was clearly busy lusting after Gina Lollobrigida! Obviously! Not that he'd ever have given you the time of day. You know -- because he was too busy lusting after Gina Lollobrigida, of course! Still, what a rich, opulent, smokey atmosphere for filmland enjoyment! What a fellow! And what a fellow your husband is, parking the car with ease, never being able to find it in the sea of 5,000 other cars! What a night! 

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