Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Quickies

($85.50, Motel,
So pretty AND so necessary now that it's officially offical that it's okay to mix brown and black AND wear tights with dresses (thank GOD they OFFICIALIZED that!)

... And Gorgeous
(Um, $405, Missoni,
Yeah, that's a bit much for a diary (I just spent $45 on a planner and felt like a serious baller), BUT, maybe it's not too much to ask for a LINED yearly diary, hmm?? Priorities people!

Also, I know we don't usually cover beauty prods here, because Lawd knows there are enough blogs out there who do that shit well, but I found this site today, and I find the fact that you can search by scent to be irresistibly precious.


Anonymous said...

Lovely dress !

Anonymous said...

I've been wearing black and brown despite knowing that it was a "no-no". thank goodness they offialized that it is ok now. haha!

ambika said...

I'm glad the black & brown thing is official too. Now if only someone could issue some writ about orange and green, I'd be good.

Sparkles said...

The dress is uber lovely and would work with opaques also :)

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