Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Nutty for Neutrals!

Breaking: I have rejected the previously blogged-about Aerosoles Teal Estate wedges as too weird in the wedge. You can quote me on that. I'm now pondering the Chrome Body in versatile tan. While I wring my hands, I also searched out some other options for a nice tan shoe that will get a lot of summer wear. I just can't get enough shoes, people!

I am really pondering these Nicole Goblet slingbacks with a 3/4" heel, $73.95. My tan flats from last summer are a teensy bit effed up at this point. Why oh why didn't I buy five pairs of Target's Cherokee flats instead of just two?

Also really digging these Progetto Glam twisty flats with a slight heel, $98.

My problem is that I can't decide if I want a lovely heel or a more walkable lower heel. Cause let's face it: Higher is always cuter. Dammit. Nicole Ritter sandal, on sale for $59.99.

Nicole Lotus slingback wedge, $74. Yum!

Oxitaly round-toe slingback, $144. I heart round toes so much.

Dr. Scholl's Sideshow strappy heels. Four inches' worth. Not sure how I feel about the treading on the bottom. $83.95.

What about when Marc does it? Marc by Marc Jacobs heels, $203.00. Not really feeling these, because....

...Frye totally does it better. Minus the treads. Frye Iris peep-toe heels, $140.

Okay, I know these are technically not neutrals, but I love them so! Natural Comfort TM93 T-strap wedges with adorable tear-shaped cutouts, $100.95. Also comes in gorgeous teal at Nordstrom.

Speaking of teal, I love the weirdo color accent on these Faryl Robin Coy chunky heels, $157.95.

I guess, in the end, the practical solution is to go for the practical shoe: Heel no higher than two and a half inches (and preferably lower). Tops in this category is this Camper-esque Naturalizer Afternoon sandal, $60. What do you think? I liked their simplicity at first, but now I suspect they're just dowdy.

What about the real Camper? It too seems a little too simple, somehow, but I bet it's very comfortable. Camper Helena slingback, $135.

What do you think, reader? Help me out! Cast your vote in the comments for your favorite shoe. Sometimes it's just easier to take a poll, ya know?


Amy said...

I literally just got my Natural Comfort wedges in the mail today.
I bought them in the burgundy since the aqua color was a bit too wacky for me.
They are totes adorable, comfy, and stylin'.

ambika said...

I'm a pretty big fan of the round toes, too.

JP said...

I don't think I'm foxy enough to pull off either the Camper or the Camper-esque sandal. I totally heart the Nicole Lotus slingback wedge, though! OMG--so adorable!

Charlotte said...

I like the round toe pumps- so cute! I'm sure the Campers are comfy- but definately dowdy- don't do it! Why don't you try Easy Spirit? They have some fantastic wedges right now- I just got a pair from there about a month ago, and love them- they're cute, make me taller, and I can wear them for days! Sounds like just what you're looking for.

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