Saturday, August 04, 2007

And Now It's Time For A Mini Binge

And now, a round-up of great shoes, two hot dresses and two animals.

($175, J.Crew)
More proof that J.Crew is apparently trying not to suck anymore!

($398, Bettye Muller, Anthropologie)
Sorry for the wee pic -- Anthro <3s Flash.

($190, Malene Birger,
Very smart, very sophisticated.

($212, Fornarina, Zappos)
Y'all, that's a SICK deal on some SICK boots.

($525, Sigerson Morrison,
Are these a little too Beyonce's mom? Regardless, they're hot.

($350, Azzedine Alaia,
Obscenely hot.

($330, Alice & Trixie,
Speaking of obscenely hot, it's obscenely hot in these here parts, and it's prime time for wearing gauzy, breezy dresses like so.

($93, She Bible,
I really like the pilgrim-meets-party vibe of this dress.

($27, Dawn Ramerman, Orange Button)
I like this little elephant. But not as much as this little zombie likes turtles:


Gloria said...

nice spread

lisa said...

Love all the shoes--too bad I'm only supposed to wear trainers.

And the zombie kid cracked my shit up! I think I'll respond with "I like turtles" the next time I'm asked a question. "What are your views on the utilization of YouTube by presidential hopefuls?" "I like turtles!"

Jessica said...

I am loving the She-bible jumper you have up, perfect fall item and I can definitely see myself wearing it.

Hope you had a fab vacation.

ambika said...

Anthro sucks for the flash love. I hate not being able to get good pics of their stuff.

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