Friday, August 03, 2007

Electric Blues

I'm seeing so many pretty pretty princess blues in electric, royal, cobalt and other shades. Here's a round-up of blue beauties.

($175, Doucette Duvall, Ylli)
The first is by my beloved Doucette Duvall. So beautiful. Sigh.

($229, Rachel Pally, Amazon)
So comfy looking.

($89, Sarah Luna, Ylli)
Usually I'm pretty anti denim, and I'm generally against denim anywhere above the waist, but this is really lovely and would look so nice with a wee black cropped jacket, black tights and black boots in the coming cooler months.


($65, Splendid, Amazon)
Comfort City!

($407, Cindy Lee,
I absolutely love this shade of blue. Reminds me of that Lipsy dress Lily Allen wore to the Concert for Diana. The dress, by the way, is sold out at Lipsy but available at

($173, Geren Ford, Bergdorf Goodman)
Just another reason why Geren Ford is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie designers.

($225, Nanette Lepore,
This would probably look terrible on me, but the color is gorgeous.

($30, Nooworks,
Fabulous shade.

(Apprx $192 USD, Jasmine Guinness,
So elegant, and I love the button detailing on the back:

(Apprx $127 USD,
Very Laura Ingalls Goes To A Small Liberal Arts College. The yellow sash makes it so much less stodgy.

($25, eBay)
It says lilac, but whatever. This style is super perfect. I always get excited when I find stuff like this in thrift stores, because the cut is always so flattering.

($46, Seychelles,
Yay for $46, boo for only size 7. UPDATE: JK! They're here at for $83, and check 'em out in white! Loves!

($52, Seychelles,
Best. Would rule with a pink or yellow top and some grey jeans.

(Apprx $188, Chie Mahara,
Amazing. Perfect height and shade. And also lovely in yellow.

($306, Miu Miu,
Mainly I think tie-dyed stuff belongs only in the recesses of our collective American memory of 1960s cliches, but these are one outstanding exception. They make me wanna do tons of sit-ups so I can just walk around the house naked, save these.... Okay... so nothing is worth that many sit-ups. But still. The intent is there!

Now go snack on this awesome and relevant old-school video:
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