Friday, January 11, 2008

What Would You Do... For These Chie Mahara Heels?

($350, Chie Mahara,
Dudes, remember those insipid "What would you do for a Klondike bar" commercials, where some cheesy ad execs thought everyday people would be so desperate for a poorly designed wedge (how do you eat a SQUARE of ice cream with NO spoon, no stick, no handle, nothing!) of tasteless vanilla ice cream covered in barely edible cheap chocolate that they'd bark like a dog (a big dog!), hop up and down on one foot, or do something REALLY crazy like put the dirty dishes in the sink!

Well, I wouldn't do any of that bullshit for a crappy, inexplicably Inuit-inspired cheap-ass bodega frozen dessert, but for these Chie Mahara "Ox" heels (they're cheaper on the Chie Mahara site, but some of the sizes are sold out), I'd... punch an old lady, smack a baby (but only if it was crying), leave a banana peel in someone's path, not warn someone that they were about to sit on a bench full of wet paint, rob a T-Mobile, or possibly even kill a grifter.

What would YOU do for Chie Mahara?


Helen said...

These heels actually made me laugh, there's something really comical about them. I wouldn't wear them, but if they were given to me they might sit in a window sill or something as a pick me up.

ambika said...

I would do a lot for a pair of Chie Mihara oxfords. I love all of her shoes, really and desperately wish I had more than the single pair I'm resisting wearing out.

Hell, smack a baby? I'd shave a surly cat.

sovereign_state said...

lol @ punch an old lady
these are very cool heels. they remind me of something i might find in a fashion-forward comic book... in a good way!

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