Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Mas Ombre, Por Favor

My ombre obsession (omsession?) rages on!

Several items I'd like to own:
($110, Aldo)
While the height of these Aldo "Atlantic City" heels DOES frighten me a bit -- 4 inches is usually my cut off... (must... resist... cliched penis joke...), Divalicious swears they're comfs. Here they are on Kelly Rowland, by the way...

+ These ombre heels, however, I do not want:
(Apprx $100 USD, Topshop)
Patent PLUS ombre PLUS T-strap = No, ma'am!

(Apprx $98 USD, Topshop)
This ombre dress, however, I DO want. My Topshop-Takes-Manhattan pot is aboilin'!!! (Anyone remember the Mervyn's "Open! Open! Open" lady, by the way??? It's starting to get like that.)


LDiva said...

Oooh. LOVE your blog! The ombre Aldo covered-platform patent stiletto IS comfortable, but with any heel of a certain height the unspoken rule is always FOOT PETALS. For the ball of the foot AND the back of the heel, and go up a half size if necessary to accommodate both. I have worn these to work (8 hour+ day) with no problem. xo, LDiva of Divalicious

Anonymous said...

Delia's has ombre heals for forty dollars, but I think the black ones might just look shiny when they're looked at closely.

The Jet Set Girls said...

Have you checked out the new/old Balenciaga ombre shades? They are fab!
It was great meeting you on Saturday!!

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