Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vince Camuto's O'Shea Shoe: Perfect Valentine's Heel!

Eee! A late edition to today's Valentine's shoe-related post:

($119.95, Vince Camuto, Nordstrom)
Okay, these "O'Shea" pumps look a l'il wack from the front, but check out the side view:

Perfecto for the current architectural shoe trend, no? And I'll be honest, while the pink ones are fun -- I wouldn't wear them prolly, but if I saw a girl walkin' down the street in them, I'd clap for that shit -- I really want the yellow ones to be my Valentine:
Actually, I think I want Vince Camuto to be my Valentine! Every time I pause to admire shoes in a store window or online, they end up being Vince Camuto. (I sort of think of them as more upscale Steve Madden). And Vince, if you're reading this: I'm a size 8. Call me.


WendyB said...

Ooh! I'm adding these to my cut-out shoe post!

Robo said...

Yeah so like I'm totally reading all your old stuff because I discovered your blog today. Anywho, I am the same with Vincent Camuto. I'll pass by the shoe department at Nordies, see some shoes I fall in love with, and lo and behold, they are Vincent Camuto. Le sigh. If he calls you tell him to call me, too. I'm a size 9.

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