Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Salestravaganza: Promo Codes, Sales Y Mas

Sorry for the uninspired post -- I'm as busy on the workfront as Britney Spears is wack.

But, I'm passing on the savings to you with the following sales and promo codes:

Promo codes:
+ ASOS.com: 20% off
Expires: March 24th

Buy something awesome, like this bikini:
($162.53, J4Gb, Asos.com)

+ Cutesygirl.com: 15% off
Use Code: SAVE15
Expires March 22

Buy something light and comfy for summer, like this mini dress:
($23.99, Mercy Me, Cutesygirl.com)

But definitely not this:
($19, Intimation, Cutesygirl.com)

+ Threadless.com: Tees on sale, from $9
No promo code, just a maje sale. Get something cute, like this very spring-y "Citrust-Me" Tee:
($15, Thomas DeSantis, Threadless.com)

Or, this fun giraffe (giraffes!!) Tee:
($9, Dan Rule, Threadless.com)
Both Tees available in dudes and Bettys versions.

1 comment:

trendinista said...

I definitely need that "I love me" bag!

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