Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Springy Outfit I Wish I Were Wearing

In my mind, I am wearing this fantasy outfit...

($119, Supersocial, Pixiemarket.com)
I keep seeing denim and chambray EV-ER-Y-where. This is super cuters and feels like the embodiment of Stevie Wonder's Talking Book album.

($458, Coach)
I can hardly believe I like a Coach bag, but these Ergo leather satchel bags are lush and lovely and NOT full of overblown, mall-chick logos.

($750, Derek Lam, Shopbop)
So stunning, yet so 'spensy.

Two "cheaper" versions:
($369, Opening Ceremony, Asos.com)
Fun, but a bit overly sporty.

($294, Kate Kuba, Asos.com)


aieee said...

yuck. sorry to say, that dress and those shoes are horrid.

Girl-Woman said...

I think the dress is cute. I love the unassuming Coach bag, too.

doozy said...

I think that outfit would be dreamy, I completely disagree with Aieee.

Also? I used to have that Stevie Wonder album on my windowsill in my old apartment!

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