Friday, July 04, 2008

Tell Me About It, Stud: My Love Affair With Studded Flats Continues

Greetings from the couch, where I'm still parked. Two iced coffees later... I think I'm starting to sprout roots, and I'm pretty sure I gave myself scoliosis just today. That Tom Petty documentary is STILL on ("Comprehensive, revealing and epic in scope..." um... yes, it all of those things). I REALLY need a shower, FYI. SOS... Anyway, I came across these studded ballet slippers today:
($48, Capezio,
They're cool but a little too literal and look pretty uncomfy. They did remind me of how much I love pyramid studs though, especially when they're used in unexpected ways, like with a pair of pretty pink ballet slippers.

Some more studded flats:
($425, Loeffler Randall, Active Endeavors)
Gorgeous, but I'd love them far more without the ankle strappage.

($88, Theory Shoes, Shopbop)
Sorry, but these are repulsive.

($211, Maloles, Zappos Couture)
So elegant.

($59, Jessica Simpson,
Eeek. Cognitive dissonance issues -- cute shoes but they're Jessica Simpson! What to do? What to do?

($50, Calypso)
Cheaper, though only available in sizes 6 and 11.

($174, Kenneth Cole,
Not cheap, but sizes for all!

Only available in size 7, but cheap!

($12.99, GoJane)
Cheapy Mccheap!

($29, Adi Misbehave, Overstock)
Lotsa colors, but the black ones are safest, don't you think?

($12.99, Go Jane)
Eek. Is it bad that I like these?

($41, Matiko,
Not bad. But I don't understand the idea of the name "6pm." Anyway...

($41, Michael Kors, Overstock)
Pretty, preppy, punk-y! Only left in size 8. Yay if you're an 8, boo if you're not.

($287, Marc by Marc Jacobs,
I do believe these are the Marc Jacobs studded ballet flats that started it all. Brightest Young Things show you how to make your own!

($126, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Saks Fifth Avenue)
These Marc by Marc Jacobs studded flats, however, are unforgivable.

Finally, you (and by "you," I mean "I") also need some pyramid stud earrings:
($88, Wendy Nichol,

($72, Argento Vivo, Bluefly)

($39, Whats That Cat, Etsy)
Etsy seller Whats That Cat has really sweet handmade pyramid stud earrings with sparklies. They're made of polymer clay and look really cool.

($20, Michelle Chang Jewelry, Etsy)
Super cuties sterling silver pyramid stud earrings from Etsy seller Michelle Chang Jewelry. Very much want!


BobbyAnn said...

wow! You went a little stud crazy, you'd get along great with the goth kids at Hot Topic! :D

Tamron Lohan said...

then my work here is done!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you crack me up. Thank you thank you thank you!

Crispy Banana said...

studs are good!! studs are great!!!!

qwyn said...

i found a cheap knock off of the gold stud earings in williamsburg if you still care

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