Sunday, August 24, 2008

Fall Footwear Trend: No Toe!

Is it going to be absolutely impossible this fall to find a pair of shoes that have actually managed to escape the drawing board with their toes intact? Peeptoes have moved from sandals to pumps to boots and Oxfords to like EVERY SHOE EVER, and I'm not all that sure I'm feeling that. Observe:

($175, Corso Como, Piperlime)
Why? I just don't get it! Is it that hard to go the extra 1.5 inches and cover the toe? You're not gonna be wearing these in 90 degree weather!

($405, Claudia Ciuti, Shopbop)
Why? What? NO!

($59, Steve Madden)
So tacky, Jackie!

($109, BCBGirls, Nordstrom)
These wold be totally otherwise cute(sy-ish), but again, WHY the no toe!?!?!?

($99, Nine West)
I actually like these, because they have a sort-of cool vintage look and don't just look like an otherwise regular pair of contemporary shoes that happened to get their toes sliced off. And I love the heels.

($110, Jeffrey Campbell,
Like these for the same reason.

(Apprx $83, Topshop)
These, however? WAY too much going on here.

($96, Jeffrey Campbell, Nordstrom)
Of course, not as what's going on here. (What the FUCK IS going on here!?!?)

($249, Pour la Victoire, Nordstrom)
Oh my Lawd Gawd. They're not inexplicably open-toed, but there's still no excuse. Soooo New Jack Swing-era. Gah.

Remember: random peeptoe = just say NO!


Dee said...

I love the peeptoe trend as much as anyone, but I agree. Not on a boot. That's neither practical or pretty. I'll be sitting this one out (with my toe ends intact).

Grayburn said...

They are adorable but I feel cold just looking at them! It rains too much here to wear that trend!

x Grayburn

Sal said...

I'm with Dee. I finally bought some heeled oxfords, but they're of the closed-toe variety. Just don't GET this trend.

WendyB said...

I got peeptoe booties that I've happily worn all summer. I definitely wouldn't have worn the same style if it was closed. And for the past few years, I've been wearing sandals in the winter with tights (global warming!), so the peeptoe doesn't alarm me.

Anna @ Shoe Smitten said...

I love this trend! The Steve Madden heel you have pictured is adorable. The missing toe lends the otherwise stuffy shoe an air of sex appeal.

soilikethelike said...

i actually love the ones from
Claudia Ciuti
but as for the rest, just cover the freakin toe!

ambika said...

I am not anti-peep-toe oxfords but I certainly don't want them anywhere near *my* feet.

Anonymous said...

I think think the open toe is cool, but would suck if he weather is bad. On a cold, windy, or rainy day, you couldn't get caught outside with a peep-toe on your boots!

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