Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bad-Ass Binge: Pyramid Studs, Leather Jackets & More Punk Princess Gear!

AGAIN my sympathy for the pyramid studded devil continues, this time in the form of these low-top leather sneakers, which I'd rock in a skipped heartbeat:
($295, Upper Echelon Shoes)
I'm lusting after these studded low-tops by new brand Upper Echelon Shoes. Very Kanye West, which, in this case, is a good thing. You can walk away in them at Fred Segal (don't get me started on how there isn't one in New York -- I know it's an L.A. institution and all that, but if they could put a Barney's in L.A. they can bring a Fred Segal to New York, damn it!), or at the UES shop in the Lower East Side (I know that's a bit confusing) at 100 Forsyth Street.

I'm also kinda ruving skate brand Supra's black croc hi-tops. I'm pretty sure they're just for boys tho, at least size-wise, unless you're a size-10-wearin' lady, in which case, have at! They're available at Element and (Hee! Funny name!)

($300, Topshop)
I'm sorta drawn to Kate Moss' rugged leather jacket, though I normally find a blanket stitch to be pretty revolting. But how cute would this be with any of the following necklaces...

($670, Alex + Chloe)
Alex + Chloe's jewelry perfectly embodies punk princess, and I'd snap up all of their pyramid pieces if I were so financially inclined! The 14K Pyramide Pointue sharp pyramid necklace on the right is $670, but the sterling silver pyramid necklace, as seen on Taylor Momz, is a more recession-friendly $120.

($340, Alex + Chloe)
I had plumb NO idear that Alex + Chloe made rings! Dic def of punk princess right there! Diamond oxidized silver ring!

($780, Alex + Chloe)
Killin' it!

($74.50, Kiel Mead,
More quietly adorbs forget-me-knot pieces from Kiel Mead. How great would these be, peeking out from behind Kate Moss's leather jacket, like don't forget: I'm awesome!


Ana said...

I'm a fan of that pyramid necklace (on Little J!), and that killer solitare ring in oxidized silver. Very cool!

christina said...

i love all that alex+chloe stuff. its so dark and sexy at the same time.

Modelizer said...

I rock Supras and I must say they are so worth it over any sneaker out right now because no one knows what the hell they are 90% of the time, which I love. They do make little sizes, I think karmaloop goes down to a 6 in mens?

Saeed Khattak said...

Cooooooooool! I love all the pretty stuff listed out there in your blog. Especially the leather jacket is awesome.

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