Monday, April 13, 2009

FashionBinge Is Giving Away A HAWT Pair of daniblack Queen Heels!

They're studded, I love 'em, I don't even own 'em, but you can. They're daniblack's "Queen" heels, and they come in both black patent and denim. ONE lucky FashionBinge winner will win ONE pair (not just one shoe but a PAIR) in whichever style you so desire, in whichever size you happen to be (hopefully your feet are both the same size.)

You have between now and Monday, April 20th at 11:45pm ET to enter. Just fill out the FUNNN (it IS fun if you WIN) widgety form below and tell us what you'd wear these with... and the daniblack "Queen" heels COULD be YOURS! (Open to US, Canada, and Mexico only.) GO! WIN!


Victoria said...

What a great pair of heels! I love studded bags and accessories. But I never thought about studded shoes! I prefer the black and would totally wear them with black skinnies, a white tee, fitted blazer, and add that pop of color with a bright red bag!

Summer said...


cpFashionista said...

So stoked on fall fashion already and its only APRIL!!! I can't wait to rock n roll this fall in studded EVERYTHING and super tight skinnies...I think I was born in the wrong era!!!

Mijo said...

i cannot will not wear skinnies.
i cannot wear them in a box.
i cannot wear them with a fox.
i cannot because of the girth of my gams.
i cannot wear them, sam i am.
i would have tons of fun rockin those denim shoes with a vintage shirtdress... something not exactly conservative, but a bit demure, so the shoes were unexpected.
or maybe i'd be the rocker secretary, with a pencil skirt and satin button up, and then these shoes would be all pa-pow-pow. with the right rocker jewelry.

Anonymous said...

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