Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Pointless Desires: Silver Oxfords

Ugh. So, Christian Louboutin or Yohji Yamamoto or someone fancy pants made some fancy shiny silver Oxfords or brouges or whatever. I'm not even coveting those, but I DO want these simpler silver jazz shoes:

($100, Labour Of Love, Farfetch.com)

($132, Candela, Bluefly.com)

($595, Christian Louboutin, Net-a-porter.com)
Thoughts on these Christian Louboutin glittery "Fred" jazz shoes? Ridiculous, but with the black-and-white outfit, they're cool in a Michael Jackson way. (Btw, news you can use: Christian Louboutin custommade the shoes the dancers wore in the Michael Jackson tribute at this year's VMAs.)


Blog de la Vogue said...

Woooooooow i love these shoes!
so damn hot.!
i would be happy if you visit my blog ,too :)

Hunter said...

i'm pretty sure i'm fully in love with the louboutins :)
great post!
Check it out please :)

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