Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hobo Shoes! Now Just $2115

Got $2115? These hobo-looking shoes look like they walked out of a cliched hobo cartoon. Is this some kind of reverse classism? Busted-looking hobo shoes that 15,000 hobos and a rich dude couldn't even afford? Gross. And they don't even come with a stick and a bandana? Really, Seth?
($2115, Augusta,
Oh, and they're not available until March. Perhaps because they're busy perfecting them. If you can't wait that long, check out these hobo shoes!

They're a cool $8.99.


erikabianca said...

Wow,2000somethang for those? Uhh no thank you. I'd rather spend my money on those new soes at Urban Outfitters.

Bree said...

Gotta love the trickle-up theory. Thanks for pointing out the ridiculousness that momentarily inhabits the shoe industry. Have you seen the shoes on the McQueen runway?

Dirty Hair Halo said...

"they're busy perfecting them"


or having them worn in a little more, by none other than a hobo himself.

Chelsea said...

i need to get a pair of those! haha
too funny!

karinova said...

Oh darling, designer-label pseudo-poverty is all the rage! Surely you've seen Vivienne's latest?

Expect these $2000 hoboshoes to be accessorized with carefully styled hipster hair and extremely conspicuous consumption: y'know, molding mud, a visible iPhone, and really expensive shades. Or some such. Otherwise, how will people know that the wearer is hip and edgy and ironic?! (As opposed to actually poor, which is sooo not hot; eew!)

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