Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Geox's Totally Transtracular Empire State Building Heels

Geox, the people who brought you, um, golf shoes, now bring you these batshittingly transtacular heels with an EMPIRE STATE BUILDING HEEL.

($230, Geox)
These are so '90s that they practically walked straight out of Pret A Porter.

If you read lots of blogs (late pass! I've been on my honeymoon!) then you already know that these Geox heels are part of the comfy shoe brand's Spring/ Summer line and launched to herald (har) the opening of Geox's new store on 34th Street.

They kind of have a bit of a Payless-drops-acid vibe to them, which is to say I would probably buy them on a whim if they were for sale at Payless for like $49, as opposed to $230, which is too much to spend on a joke. But I do like that they're basically the embodiment of one of my favorite Bee Gees songs, "Nights On Broadway."

PS: True story: When I was a kid, I used to think it was the Empire Strikes Back Building. Awww. I was such a cute kid. See?
Even at under 12 months, I was runnin' that awesome outfit game.

Fortunately I became an even cuter teen!
Nighty nite!

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Faith J. said...

"The Empire Strikes Back Building" ha ha ha! :) That is awesome.

Eric said...

Those heels are insane! Love the Empire State heel. Very unique.

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