Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sam Edelman's Spiked Lorissa Shoe Will Cut You

($209, Sam Edelman, Solestruck.com)
So, Sam Edelman's stud-covered Lorissa heels are hurting me real bad... in the real-good way. The kinda bad Fiona Apple meant when she was sloshing around in that hot tub back in 1997. That's it. Sam Edelman's studded heels = the Fiona Apple of footwear.

($209, Sam Edelman, Solestruck.com)
And the close-toed Yuma? Seriously? I'm 'bout it 'bout it.

(And PS: This is totally my all-time favorite karaoke song.)


EBT said...

Love the shoes. Love the video even more. I have to agree this is my #1 fav karaoke song as well -- even though I've only done it once.

20somethingFashionista said...


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