Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Cleo B's Cassette Tape Heels? WERQUE!

$574, Cleo B, Ruianyc.com

New rule. No more ordinary heels. From now on, I'm ONLY WALKING ON A GOLDEN CASSETTE TAPES by British shoe designer Cleo B. Bonus points if they play my favorite '80s song, "Let The Music Play," by Shannon. TWERQUE. IT. OUT.
RuPaul GIFs via Logo


laura said...

How do that work? I cannot even begin to comprehend the science behind those shoes.

Giady said...

ciao, complimenti per il tuo carinissimo blog!!!ti andrebbe di seguirmi?? ho appena aperto il mio blog!!! http://giadamodaemakeup.blogspot.it/
Grazie <3

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