Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm Going Strapless In French Connection's Samara Party Dress. Watch Out, World.

I've got a wedding next month in Brooklyn, and the dress code is "Brooklyn formal." That means an olde-tymey mustache and suspenders. Just kidding. Anyway, I interpreted that to mean "dress like an extra from the movie 'Burlesque.'" And I'm certain I'll achieve that in this French Connection sequined "Samara" party dress I bought (in record time, mind you -- in and out of the store in about 11 minutes or something ridiculous).
$198.99, French Connection

I'm gonna employ the assistance of the spaghetti straps, a SERIOUS strapless bra, and the grace of the Lord. Also, hi, half off! Done.

Oh! Shoes!  

$70, Aldo
Aldo was kind enough to be located approximately four feet from French Connection. I purchased these cool two-tone Wademen heels in approximately four minutes. And they're surprisingly comfortable. I'm into Aldo, but I can't handle the fact that many of their heels are like 19 inches high. These are a FAR more reasonable three inches or something.

Anyway, point is, there's a strapless bra in my immediate future. Wish me luck.


I.A.J said...

That dress is so cute. I love the color! It would probably have taken me days to find a dress. -

Amazing Fashion Organization said...

I love your Blog!!! your outfits are amazing! Thanks for the inspiration!

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