Tuesday, August 07, 2012

LOFT Is Literally Making The Holiday Season Bright. Get Familiar.

LOFT is getting ready to ring in the holidays, and they're not doing it with Santa sweaters and fugly forest greens. No. Try CORAL AND GOLD BROCADE PANTS. Think Beverly Hills Regency (if my mental wellbeing had a preferred design era, it'd be Beverly Hills Regency). Also, try BLACK SEQUIN SLOUCHY PANTS (they look WAY better in person), rich melons, and '60s-inspired rhinestone costume jewelry that'll turn an atheist into a God-fearing believer, to quote Wyclef Jean. Check out these photos I took at the Loft Holiday 2012 preview, and happy Chanukkah to ME!

** Disclosure: I was invited to the LOFT preview by PR.

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