Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday Handbags!

Ho Ho HooooMG I want these cute clutches:

($145, Kooba, Activeendeavors.com)
Love the idea of holiday accessories that are sort of in the red family but aren't like Santa-red.

($350, GoldenBleu, Fashionchateau.com)
I will, however, make an exception for GoldenBleu. LOVES.

($138, Hobo International, Bloomingdales)
Not bad. I really love the black one.

($78, Banana Republic)
A nice little elegant number to hold all of the 143 lipsticks and glosses I invariably and inexplicably have on me at any given moment.

($65, Levis)
I've spent half my day in disbelief that this bag is by Levi's. (Okay, not half. More like 13 seconds, but still...) HOW cute it is this? I never would've guessed -- it looks like a sweet little 1950s vintage number handed down to you by your "dirty joke" auntie. Hooray to you, Levi's, for nailing that subset of the handbag market!

($138, Bo Bo Bags, Luggagepoint.com)
I am including this as a "holiday bag" because it's a cute travel bag, and sometimes you gotta travel over the holidays. To get to where the presents are.

(Apprx $61 USD, Topshop)
And speaking of presents, I would very much like to receive this Topshop butterfly print bag as a present! Looks like it's sold out right now, though perhaps they'll re-up?

And finally, here is a bag I PRAY no one receives as a present, for it is no gift at all:
($54.99, the erroneously named Ivegotyourbag.com)
Um, I don't know who the fuck Kippy is or why s/he charges $445 for belts that probably even Brooke Hogan wouldn't be caught dead in, but someone needs to put a stop to this fashion morts ASAP before the holidays are RUINED FOR EVER FOR EVERYONE!


lily said...

I saw a bag at the mall that just has to be related to the last one-- it's made of the same material, only in the shape of a gigantic horseshoe, with lots of studs and a matching charm.

Jessica said...

The Bo Bo Bags is my favorite!

Did you get a chance to see the piece I have from Knoxx Bags on the site, please stop by. It is beautiful and handmade!


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