Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday & Sunday Sale-o-Rama!

Three Brooklyn sales (sorry, non-NYers!)

First of all, this sale looks best:

... And:
Super Sale At Home Ec!
50-90% Off
Previous Seasons Merchandise!
Super Sale Starts This Saturday and Sunday
July 12th and 13th from 12-7pm
Home Ec
303 3rd Avenue
between Carroll and 1st
Brooklyn, NY 11215

**Note: Sale is at our studio HomeEc
NOT at our 5th Avenue shop!**

Shoes and Boots $10-$40
Jeans $20-$40
Laurie B. Sweaters $20-$40

Dresses by Karina, NaturevsFuture, Tshirts by Albert and Piccolo, Applecart handbags, lots of fun one of a kinds and samples, too!

The sale will be this Saturday and Sunday the 12th and 13th 12pm-7pm.
Sale will continue through July Thursdays thru
Sundays so stop by!

**Remember this sale is a clearance sale and does not apply to merchandise at our 5th Avenue location! This sale is being held at our studio HomeEc which is located at:
303 3rd Avenue between Carroll and 1st
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Aoyama Itchome, which I've blogged about before, is now called "Callalilai." Easier to pronounce, I guess, for us gringas. Anyway, they changed names AND they're having a big-ass sale this weekend. I IMPLORE you to go:

296 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11201

Mon-Thur 11am to 7pm
Frid.-Sat. 11am to 9pm
Sun. 11am to 7pm

20% off on your first summer dress
40% off the second one !!!
and 50% off on selected items.

And, I'm really bad at even taking photos, let alone uploading them and putting them on this blog, but here's a pic of me + boyfriend (not wearing chef hat) in my Callalilai silk dress on our way to a wedding in Cleveland this past May. My arm is out because I'm holding down the dress to prevent a Marilyn Monroe moment -- it's windier than you'd think in Cleveland. Sunnier too!

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