Saturday, March 26, 2011

Charmed By Venessa Arizaga

Today I shot more footage for Stephanie Caruso's short film, "Fashion. It's Fucking Fantastic," about fashion bloggers -- watch the trailer here. It's J'DORABLE, and I'm honored to be in it. For real.

Anyway, I borrowed a necklace from one of my favorite jewelry designers, Venessa Arizaga, who creates charming (hee) necklaces and bracelets and types of handmade pieces that become insta-favorites (like, horse necklace status). She was a designer for Tuleh and Carolina Herrera and, most recently, design director for Zac Posen (NBD!) and left last year to pursue jewelry full-time and run her surf shop, the Rock Co-Op, in Rockaway Beach.

Many of her pieces are inspired by travels, the beach, and beachy travels, which is why each piece feels like a little souvenir celebration.

I wore the Gold Mine necklace...
($395, Venessa Arizaga)

I also love this charm necklace, but I knew my Jewish mom would lose her shiz if she saw me wearing a necklace with a cross on it. And I just can't do that to my moms, you know?
($150, Venessa Arizaga)
Q: What's cuter than this pearl and skull necklace? A: Not much.

Demonstrating my need for a real digital camera.

Get Venessa Arizaga's charming charm necklaces at Opening Ceremony and here.

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