Monday, March 21, 2011


($385, We Are Handsome,
If you've been reading FashionBinge for at least a minute, you might know I have a "thing" about horses. I never rode horses, and I probably wouldn't, actually, as I'm almost as afraid of heights, speed, and falling (and with horseback riding comes the likelihood of all three) as I am those terrible sublimated dyed shirts. I certainly never owned a horse either. But I'm inexplicably drawn to miniature horses, horse accessories, and a well-timed, unforeseen appearance by a horse on an unsuspecting garment like a swimsuit. I mean COME ON. When did you last see a horse on a swimsuit, hm??

Besides the $385 price tag, the only bad thing I can possibly think of to say about this horse bathing suit by Australian brand We Are Handsome (the brand's name alone is killing me loudly), is that it'd probably make every other un-be-horsed article of clothing I own jealous not to have a horse gallantly galloping across it.


Alisson said...

I love this bathing suit. =)
We Are Handsome has some really cute ones (my favorite being the one with the jaguar on it!)
Are you thinking of buying it?
xoxox Alisson

Tamar said...

I would LOOOOOOVE to but can't swing that much for a bathing suit. :< Especially when I'm in one MAYBE twie a year. Once, actually.

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