Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yo, Anthropologie Has Some Seriously Cute Stuff Right Now

Usually I don't conduct too many dealings within Anthropologie. And by "dealings," I mean I don't usually wander in, try on a bunch of stuff, hem and haw and then leave. Usually that's because I find the price points to induce no small amount of pants-shitting (though I don't know why because Anthropolgie's prices are barely different than half the shit at Bloomingdale's and I don't get the howling fantods over their prices). The other reason is that sometimes Anthropologie feels a little too art teacher/ garden party/ lady in her late '30s to me. SO many cheery brights and not enough bitchy blacks. However, I wandered into the Chelsea Market Anthropologie tonight, and DUDES, there were some seriously cute pieces.

$39.95, Odille, Anthropologie
Trust me, this orange polka dot top is approximately 40% cuter in person.

$298, Marion Vidal,
It's rare that I see a horse necklace I love as much as my Pade Vavre horse necklace, which I wear so much it might as well be a tattoo. But this Marion Vidal horse necklace is a close runner-up.

$498, Marion Vidal,

A double-headed horse necklace that looks TOTALLY deco? GAME RECOGNIZE GAME.

$498, Kron By Kronkron,
There's something Balenciaga-Miu Miu-y about these ruffled heels.

$168, Schuler & Sons,
 Speaking of Miu Miu, if you can't afford those Miu Miu glitter pumps everyone's creaming over, then perhaps you can afford these silver sparkly heels instead.

$298, Leifsdotter,
These bass-ackward Gaga heels aren't really me, but I'm totally shocked that they're Anthropologie! Anthro! You have a smoking-in-the-bathroom-between-classes side to you after all! I'm impressed!

$498, Leifsdotter,
A fitted, quilted black leather Leifsdotter jacket? I'll drink to that. I'll drink in that, actually.

$268, Leifsdotter,
Who's got TWO thumbs and LOVES photo prints? THIS FASHION BLOGGER!


Anonymous said...

The necklaces are so different, love them! The UK needs a Bloomingdales and an Anthropologie!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious: "So many cheery brights and not enough bitchy blacks." Spot on

margit said...

You are hilarious: "So many cheery brights and not enough bitchy blacks." Spot on

A & K said...

Theres an Anthropologie on South Beach (Miami, Florida). I love that you blogged about the store, its awesome!

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